Staffing a park or attraction is critical to its success.  A sparsely populated staff may seemingly aid the bottom line but can also damage the
efficiency of operation and on a more serious note, create dangerous conditions.  The first rule of operations is always safety!  Successful
operations ensure the safety of their patrons and provide an efficient, courteous operation.  These goals are not exclusive but should always
be viewed as complementary to each other.  Often, it is the extent that these elements are tied together that contributes to overall profitability.  
Professional and courteous staffs make the difference for patrons who evaluate their experience when considering a return visit to your

Establishing the correct staffing pattern is an exercise born of concern and experience.  The facility must be able to operate with a payroll it
can afford and staff that are efficient, courteous and provide the highest level of safety.  In so doing the guest experience will be on the highest

In this area High Mountain employs its experience in examining ride manufacturer’s requirements combined with park geography, pedestrian
flow patterns and other factors to determine the safest and most affordable levels.  

In considering these factors High Mountain will recommend staffing levels at rides and attractions that will inspire the highest level of
confidence when considering issues of safety and patron experience.  High Mountain professionals will also analyze peak and off peak
attendance hours and recommend staffing patterns throughout the park to provide adequate service while also providing efficiencies in the
operating budget.

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