Park Pilot

Park Pilot is the result of High Mountain's partnership with Mobile Card Cast, a cutting edge
mobile marketing company.  Park Pilot is a mobile website; an interactive guide for amusement
parks, zoos, aquariums, museums and other attractions.

Ninety one percent of the United States population carries a mobile phone.  Most are sending text
messages.  Texting is the quickest way to share with friends.  Ninety five percent of all text
messages are opened; seventy five percent within the first minute.  During 2009, 1.2 billion people
accessed the Internet from a desktop PC while 1.3 billion did so from their mobile phone!

Park Pilot takes advantage of the rise in mobile phone use and puts it to work for your facility.
Park Pilot enhances the guest experience and encourages repeat visits, puts you in direct
contact with patrons, creates loyalty programs and promotions with instant bonus offers, and
establishes new marketing opportunities through text messaging. Park Pilot is not just an app for
smart phones but works on all mobile phones with Internet capability.

Your patrons are just a text message away from having your park's mobile website in the palm of
their hand, complete with interactive maps and other features while connected to social network

While Park Pilot is customized for each facility, providing all desired information, it is also
designed with popular features for today's high tech savvy culture.  It allows your guests to
organize their stay as they create their own to do list of rides and attractions. Wait times for rides
and shows can be planned and better managed through website postings.  Park Pilot points the
way to restrooms, rides, attractions and concessions while also locating friends and family.  It
also provides a reminder and points the way to their parked car.  Patrons also receive special
offers, coupons and park news directly on their mobile phones.  They stay connected to their
favorite social network site directly on the website. Driving directions to and from the park as well
as Google Maps are also combined onto the website.

As an option Augmented Reality is also offered.  Simply pointing the mobile phone's camera at any
attraction or point of interest will establish certain information directly on the viewfinder screen.  
Park Pilot works with SMS throughout the United States and can work with QR Codes (Photo
Codes) in Europe and other countries.

Park Pilot provides new and effective tools for management and marketing.  Through text
messaging it provides direct contact to park patrons.  New databases of patron cell phones are
quickly established and available for marketing, advertising and promotion programs.  New loyalty
programs are also created as coupons, contests, bonus offers and other information can be
placed directly onto your patrons' mobile phones.  Park news is always available to patrons while
surveys are easier to perform.

High Mountain Enterprises is the exclusive sales agent and will assist you to maximize the
benefits of your Park Pilot experience.

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