LEDs are Light Emitting Diodes, the most modern and efficient way to produce light.  LEDs produce the most pure form of light and provide the
most crisp and deep colors imaginable.  They produce almost no heat, last for decades and are the most energy efficient light source available.

Gain a Marketing Advantage.  LED lighting not only reduces energy and maintenance costs, it establishes added value to park patrons as it
literally becomes part of the experience.  An LED display on a large ride produces not just a giant billboard visible from miles away, it produces
a light show that will dazzle park patrons.  Computer driven, it provides the most versatile presentation.  Operated by a pre-designed program
or with a simple remote controller, the overall theme and color scheme changes instantly.  Deep vibrant patterns are created that literally
dance across the ride in many different and ever changing color combinations and schemes.  The light show is an attraction in its own right
that will attract and keep patrons in your park.

High Mountain is a sales partner with MAXTRON and Rides-4-U to expand the availability and use of LED lighting within the amusement and
attraction industry.  Maxtron produces the highest quality LED product on the market and can create an application for almost any ride, sign,
scenery panel or display.  Rides-4-U, a leader in worldwide ride sales, distributes the product and supplies the warranty.  Together this strong
team provides the highest quality product, the perfect application and a dependable warranty at an affordable price.

Maxtron LEDs and related equipment are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry.  Each LED board is shock proof and
completely waterproof to the point of functioning perfectly while completely submerged under water.  Although LED boards are available in
many different styles and applications, installation on large rides frequently requires that they be mounted on channels.  Available in a number
of colors, these channels are manufactured form an anodized aluminum alloy to afford the highest protection against rust.  Stainless steel is
also available.  Special quick connectors and a system that utilizes only three wires also ensures infrequent and quick maintenance.

LEDs Save Money
LED technology is the most efficient form of lighting available today.  In fact it is more than eight times as efficient as incandescent bulbs.  
When compared to these traditional bulbs, LEDs can save as much as 90% in energy use!  Because they can last for decades and are not
damaged by rain, LEDs save parks and attractions even more money in terms of product purchasing and the drastic reduction of maintenance

LED Installations Are Sometimes Eligible for Energy Savings Grants
Because LEDs are so environmentally friendly and consume as much as 90% less energy, many states have included the purchase and
installation costs in their energy savings grants programs.  High Mountain is available to assist you in determining eligibility and in the
application process.

If you have questions, would like a price quote, or assistance with energy savings grants please contact High Mountain Enterprises at
info@highmountainent.com or call 914-714-5799.  

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