Replacing traditional ride tickets with electronic bar code cards and wristbands increases revenue through the elimination of theft while
increasing sales.  

It’s sad and even hard to believe but experience has shown that a typical park or attraction will lose between 15% and 20% of its revenue to
employee theft!  Cashless ticketing removes unwanted partners from the revenue distribution stream and improves the bottom line.

Paper tickets have a dollar value just like currency.  When stolen they become a permanent monetary loss to the park or the patron.  Cashless
ticketing consists of bar coded cards or wristbands. They have no value until assigned at sale.  If stolen before they are sold, unlike paper
tickets, there is no monetary loss.  If stolen or lost after sold, individual cards and wristbands can be electronically cancelled and remaining
value reissued back to the purchaser.  Because the cards and wristbands are part of a larger management system, records are created in
real time of each purchase, ride taken and attraction admission.  Every bar code card and wristband has a complete history that is just one
mouse click away.

High Mountain represents the CORE Cashless system.  CORE offers the most respected system in the entertainment industry.  Forever
evolving, the CORE system is always at the forefront of technology; made even more efficient through the incorporation of client experience
and suggestion.  In terms of client service and tech support there is no rival.  CORE is available to its clients 24 hours per day, seven days per
week.  CORE systems can be found in amusement parks, family entertainment centers, cruise ships, museums, bowling alleys and other
attractions.  Employed in these places, the system controls access to rides and shows, parking, pays and manages midway and arcade
games, purchases food, beverage and retail items, and schedules birthday parties and other events.  The system also gives managers a new
set of tools to observe the park in action in real time from a customized dashboard on a computer screen in the office, at home or traveling on
a laptop.  The system can be customized to meet special park requirements and, among many other features and benefits, offers the following:

Increased Revenue – The system eliminates employee theft, and increases per capita spending as it offers increased value to patrons.

The system is very customer friendly for patrons while creating efficiencies for managers and staff.

Cost savings through automation and staff reduction – Sales are made through self service kiosks and in many cases, staff reductions can be
achieved at rides and attractions.

Park-wide application including rides, games, food, beverage and retail sales all on one card.

Enhanced marketing capabilities through the ability to offer value (more ride points, free rides etc., instead of giving away money through
discount coupons) and flexibility to give more value at special times to hold a crowd in the park.

The system up sells itself through the offering of better value deals.

The in-park and online Group Sales and Birthday Party booking provides patron convenience and a less staff intensive experience for

High Mountain and CORE are the perfect team to take your park or attraction cashless!  CORE technology is the most advanced and
dependable.  High Mountain has the hands on experience with this system from a user’s point of view.  High Mountain can help you design and
purchase a system to maximize your revenue, and enhance your management and marketing capabilities.  High Mountain is also available to
design value deal products for sale at the park and design customized marketing and promotional plans for use with the system while training
your management team to gain optimal results.

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